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The Adviser Gap Podcast

Oct 15, 2019

In this episode, we are delighted to offer a bonus interview with none other than Mr Nick Lincoln, Director of Radlett based Lifestyle Financial Planning firm, Values to Vision.

As well as his day job delivering a first class financial planning experience to a select group of client families, Nick is also an accomplished writer, speaker and coach to other financial planning professionals.

In this bonus episode of the Adviser Gap podcast, Nick offers his musings on what it takes to truly excel in the art of client communication, working with clients who truly believe in your advice and services, along with the importance of being authentic in everything you do.

Featured in this episode:

Values to Vision

Inspiring Advisers

Nick Murray

The Rational Optimist - Matt Ridley

Economics in One Lesson - Henry Hazlitt

Atlas Shrugged - Ayn Rand

Behavioral Investment Counseling

How to Win Friends and Influence People

Financial Life Coach Podcast

FT Money Show (tongue firmly in cheek)