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The Adviser Gap Podcast

Feb 25, 2019

In this episode, James and Sean bring to life the origins of the Adviser Gap and why they felt it was so important to help bridge the gap in skills, experience and expertise through the podcast.

This week, the hosts are joined by the Maven Adviser, Andy Hart. As well as running his own financial planning business, Andy also hosts the brilliant personal finance podcast Maven Money and has created his own behavioural finance conference, Humans Under Management. Andy has brought a lot to the financial planning profession and continues his own fight to make financial planning better and deliver better client outcomes.

During this episode, Andy sheds some light on his own background in financial advice, as well as his journey towards becoming one of the leading lights in the profession. He has his own unique spin on what the Adviser Gap is, how it has emerged and what it means to the future of financial advice. He really helps us paint a picture on what it takes to bridge the Adviser Gap and provides numerous pearls of wisdom throughout. We talk sales skills, the emergence of paraplanning, day to day life as an adviser and managing human behaviour.

We had a great time chatting with Andy and found his insights invaluable. We hope you enjoy our discussion as much as we did.

Included in this week’s episode

Andy Hart is on twitter: @mavenadviser